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NPSN Eligibility

Your participation in NPSN depends on several factors and should be discussed during an appointment with an NPSN physician.

The best candidates for Proactive Surveillance are most likely to have small volume (i.e. small size), low-grade prostate cancer. Small volume, low-grade cancers are likely if: 

  • PSA is less than 15 percent of total prostate volume (PSA divided by prostate volume is below 0.15)
  • There are no more than two biopsy cores with cancer, and the cancer makes up no more than 50 percent of any core
  • Gleason score is 6 or less

Age is also a factor: The majority of participants in NPSN are older than age 65 years. Younger men can face a greater chance that cancer will cause harm during their lifetime and may be better candidates for intervention beyond Proactive Surveillance.

You will need to have your pathology slides from your diagnostic biopsy reassessed at your NPSN site. Your NPSN physician may also advise you to undergo a confirmation biopsy to be sure the original biopsy did not underestimate the extent of the disease.

Additional Criteria

NPSN participation may also be open to:

  • Men with stage T1c prostate cancer who do not want to undergo treatment
  • Men in whom the presence of other illness is severe enough to preclude aggressive treatment regardless of age, cancer stage, and grade

To confirm your eligibility, schedule a consultation.